I had a great time this past weekend in Ohio. On Friday we had a great flight. We ate at a Bistro restaurant and the food was AMAZING. They gave all of us enough food for 3 people and on an empty stomach I ate every last bit. I got into the pool just to swim off the flight. After swimming we went to eat again. Last year we ate at some great places so we decided to revisit our favorite restraint, Martino’s. Saturday was a day packed full of swimming. I swam very tired, broken down, and fast. I was just around where I needed to be this part of the season, getting ready for the Netherlands. This meet was a great opportunity to let the body feel bad while racing, this way when I start tapering it will feel even better to race while feeling good.  We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. On Sunday we all woke up went to a much needed trip to Waffle House and on our way to the airport. So that raps up the weekend.

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