12/05/2009 Last Race – Bronze Medal

The 100m Freestyle was my last race.  It was day 7 of the meet and man did it feel like it! The weather conditions had been gloomy and overcast the past 2 days and it was finally starting to clear up.  My only thought was to finish the race, a medal and standing on the podium one more time.  We were ushered out to the blocks and I couldn’t help but think about how I hoped my suit doesn’t rip like in the previous race.  I did my usual ritual before the race.  I got on the blocks and dove in, I was in the zone.  The first 50m felt amazing and it wasn’t until the back half that I started to feel the fatigue.  I pushed through the last 50m, touched the wall and got 3rd.  As everyone finished, I was satisfied with my performance as I did my best on that day.  I can remember thinking to myself, “ I am #1 in the World in the 100m Butterfly and I made it to the podium in every event that I raced.”  This is defiantly one of the top memories that  I have had in my swimming career.
Tucker Dupree

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