12/04/2009 – Silver Medal – 100m Backstroke – New American Record

Today the weather was terrible, 30 degrees Celsius and rainy, however, a great day in the pool!  I placed second in the 100m Backstroke and bringing home another silver medal.  My time was 1:00.73 and set a new American Record. First Place went to Alexander Nevolin-svetov from Russia with a time of 57.54, a new World Record, and Third Place to Albert Gelis Juanola of Spain with a time of 1:02.31.  Due to the bad weather conditions, there were no medal ceremonies this evening.  Side note: I had a swim suit malfunction – as I was getting into the pool right before the start of the race, the seam in the back of the suit broke loose and I had to swim partially exposed. How embarrassing.

I have one more race set for Saturday, 05DEC and it is the 100m Freestyle. The current World Record was set in March of 2007 with a time of 56.52 by Enrique Floriano Millan of Spain. My qualifying time was 54.61, seeded 2nd and will be swimming in lane 5.  A new world record will be set.

So my standings and medal count is as follows:

  • Gold – 100m Butterfly – Set new World Record
  • Silver – 50m Freestyle – Set new American Record
  • Silver – 100m Backstroke – Set new American Record
  • Bronze – 400m Freestyle – Set new American Record

Day sixth of the competition and my body is feeling it. Tonight the team is having spaghetti for dinner then off to bed.  I will rise early and head to the pool to warm up so that I am prepared for the race at 18:33.

I really miss home and look forward to returning on Monday.

Thanks for your support.

Tucker Dupree

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