Annual GTAC Disability Meet

This past weekend I got to fly to Ohio for the 8th Annual GTAC Disability Meet in Cincinnati. I flew into Columbus on Friday afternoon to meet my beautiful girl friend and wonderful mother where we rented a car then drove down to Cincinnati. We arrived at the hotel, checked in and grabbed a bite to eat then off to bed as I had an early start the next morning.

This swim meet was important to my overall training as I just came off a big meet so the purpose of this meet was for me to swim through it tired. The other part and probably the most important was for me mingle, meet and talk with the new faces and upcoming swimmers which are the future of Paralympic Swimming.

I got the great pleasure of meeting a young 11 year old that was a stud and he swam great. It was a blast to see his enjoyment of racing as it reminded me of how fortunate I am and the pure enjoyment swimming and competing has brought to me over the years.

After swimming all 3 sessions of the meet, it was back to Columbus and then back to the Olympic Training Center.

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